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The Camping area at Silver
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Stav Camp 2023

Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd of July 2023, Silver Wood, North Kelsey Moor, Lincolnshire, UK

For the 2023 Stavcamp we have a delightful new venue in North Lincolnshire. Silver Wood is about 10 acres of mature woodland between Caistor and Brigg in the beautiful countryside of North Lincolnshire. Over the past year or so there have been several events hosted there by the owners Andy and Michelle Lewis and organised by Pia Morgan. I can say from personal experience that Silver Wood has proven to be a fine place to hold a camp.

The Theme for the 2023 Stavcamp will be: Readiness for a Declining Civilisation


Stav is an education system for free, independent minded, and sovereign people. Why do we particularly need such an education now? Doesn't the state protect and care for us from the cradle to the grave? Isn't everything we need made in China at minimal cost? Isn't the most important aspiration in life convenience and comfort? Didn't school and your student debt give you all the education you will ever need?

If you really believed the previous statements you would not have read this far.

Civilisations rise and fall, states fail, life requires effort and courage, most of what they taught you at school was nonsense. Below are six of the major challenges facing us right now. Although I have listed six headings below, all these issues are inter-related.

1. Population Decline:

In 1820 the world population reached one billion people. It reached two billion by about 1925. That doubling drove the massive changes and developments of the industrial and technological revolution. Since the 1920s the population has continued to increase to a present level of about eight billion. This continued increase drove the developments which we live with today. However, Western populations, as well as those of China and Japan, peaked some time ago. The societies which have continued to grow may not do so for much longer.

We are already seeing the effects of population decline in, for example, finding staff for the NHS, as well as being able to fund such an enterprise. No one living in 1820 could have predicted the changes coming in the next two centuries. We cannot predict how quickly the population might decline and what the consequences will be. However, we have to be aware of what is happening and prepare ourselves for a very different world.

2. Escaping the Digital Matrix:

The internet began about 25 years ago as a telephone based data sharing network. Very useful it was too for communication, and accessing information. However, technology moves on and our dependence upon social media, online transactions, and the extent of digital surveillance, threatens to control every aspect of life. The biggest danger to our freedom will probably come from centralised digital bank currencies. The dominance of CDBCs will simply mean that your money will no longer be your own, and you will no longer be free to earn, save, invest, and spend as you see fit. If you want genuine freedom in the future you will have to operate in the real world rather than the virtual AI realm. If we want to be free we will have to disconnect from the digital matrix. What will it take to reconstruct a world of real relationships, genuine experience, and fair exchange without AI surveillance?

3. Health and Well–being:

Sickness, dis–ease, 'pandemics', and chronic medical conditions are big business. Offering 'cures' and prophylactics for illnesses which may not even exist returns huge profits to Pharmaceutical corporations, hospital trusts, medical insurance providers, and those who invest in such ventures. Can you really trust an organisation to make you well when your sickness and dis–ease is worth so much more to them?

All that really makes you sick is either, toxicity, deficiency, or stress, We can take responsibility for dealing with these issues.

4. Wealth, debt, property, and Digital Currencies:

Money is just a tool of exchange and, like any tool, it can be used for good or evil purposes. Mammon is a word that is found in older translations of the bible. Mammon is dedication to the concentration of material wealth, power, and influence for its own sake. Strangely, this word has been deleted from recent versions of the bible. Fe means various forms of transferable wealth such as silver or gold or cattle and other livestock. The first rune poem relating to Fe tells us that:

causes strife amongst kinsmen; the wolf grows up in the woods.

The most effective way of concentrating the power of mammon, or the negative aspect of , is through debt and rents. Individuals struggle with mortgage payments, student loans, and unsecured debts from such sources as credit and store cards. Governments operate with huge national debts in the form of bonds, and other financial instruments. An increasing population might be able to service ever expanding debt. What happens once those same populations are in decline?

5. Violence, War, and Conflict:

For the past few generations most Western people have lived in relative peace and security as far as their homes and communities are concerned. At the same time their governments have been engaged in various levels of conflict in other parts of the world for geo–political and commercial reasons. The latest example of such interference is playing out right now in Ukraine, and may well have spread futher by the time you read this.

War is de–stabilizing our world on all levels and we will experience the consequences soon enough. Most Western people give no real thought to their personal security and the protection of their communities. Neither do they have the inclination, ability, or means, to confront violence when the need does arise.

In one sense creating the state of law and order that many of us have enjoyed for many years is an impressive achievement. However, the investment in policing, and other aspects of justice and national security, came through growth and general expansion. What kind of social order can we expect in a time of decline and contraction?

6. Religion, belief, and Spirituality:

A species which can increase its presence on this planet from one billion to 8 billion in just 10 generations could easily suffer from delusions of grandeur. Who needs God/gods when we can own, dominate, and control everything? Medical science is so marvelous that we will soon have a cure for death itself. The dominant belief system of the would be elite is Scientific (eg 'science' has all the answers), Secular (there is no spiritual dimension to life), Materialism (the material is all there is).

Scientific, secular, materialism does not answer the real questions such as: What does it really mean to be human? Why we are here? And where should we look for genuine meaning, guidance, and help?

When Western man seemed to be in the ascendant maybe it didn't matter. However, as we discover just how vulnerable, helpless, and finite we really are, we might also want to look for more meaningful belief systems.

Why You Need to be at the 2023 Stavcamp:

We can't prepare you for the end of civilisation as we know it in just three days. However, just being willing to come and camp in a wood for three days and engage with these crucial issues will put you in the tiny minority of people who are willing to face up to reality. Stav was the education system for a time when the world had far fewer people than it does now. When governments provided very little. When communication meant speaking to people face to face, or at least writing a physical letter. When wealth meant land, cattle, a ship, and silver or gold were the means of exchange. When health and well–being was your own responsibility and you looked to nature for cures when dis–ease did strike. When communities had to defend themselves rather than relying on the police. When the divine was found in everyday experience rather than locked away in churches before being replaced by 'science'.

At Stavcamp we will:

  • Experience communal living in a woodland setting including eating together and just sharing time around the campfire. Lets just communicate as human beings, face to face, and in real time. (And please be willing to turn of your electronic communication device for at least most of every day.)
  • Learn about the runes and practice the stances as a body, mind, and spirit, practice, and as a framework for learning, passing on, and using essential knowledge and principles.
  • Martial training as healthy exercise and for developing a practical understanding of the Stav principles. We will also consider how you might one day use these principles to train others in the basics of self–protection and even organise your community for its own defense. Not your responsibility? Who knows, there may be no one else who can?
  • Talks and discussions about what the future might hold in terms of:

  • Technology as the big corporations break up
  • Money and finance as debt becomes unsustainable and other means of exchange come back into use
  • Health, well-being, and medical provision as the big pharma edifice colapses in on itself
  • And we will see what else we can fit in during the three days available
  • Graham Butcher will lead the camp. However, there are a lot of people with specialised knowledge within the Stav community who will also their their wisdom, experience, and ideas about where the human race is going.

    Cost and Booking

    Cost for the 2023 Stav Camp is £90 which includes camping, all meals from supper on the Thursday evening to Lunch on the Sunday, and non–alchoholic refreshments. Aso included is loan and use of training equipment for the duration of the camp if required.

    Accomdation is camping. If you do not own a tent, or your travel arrangements make it difficult to bring one, let us know as soon as possible and we should be able to lend you one.

    Cost for Ice and Fire Stav members is £60. Join here for £7.50 per month.

    Places are limited to 16

    So, if you are serious about attending please book up promptly. To reserve your place please Email me to let me know you are interested and I can provide bank details so that you can make a BACS payment, or please make a Paypal payment using the form below.

    please choose member or non-member booking

    If you are not on my email list and would like to be, please use this link where you can see my previous posts and sign up here