Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy for The 2023 Stav Camp

Terms and Conditions

The 2023 Stav Camp is organised by Graham Butcher, trading under the name of Ice and Fire Stav.

Training and related activities take place from 1800hrs on Thursday the 29th of June 2023 until 1600hrs on Sunday the 2nd of July 2023. Attendees may arrive any time after 1600hrs on Thursday the 28th of June 2023 and are requested to vacate the site not later than 2000hrs on Sunday the 2nd of July 2023 unless a alternative arrangement has been specifically negotiated with the organisers.

A place on the 2023 Stav Camp will be reserved with a payment of £90 (Ice and Fire Stav Members £60). This payment is none refundable should the applicant choose not to come to the event. It may be possible to negotiate holding the money over for some other purpose such as an alternative event but the organiser will be under no obligation to return the money.

In the event of the organisers cancelling the 2023 Stav Camp all moneies paid will be fully refunded. However the organisers cannot be held liable for other expenses incurred as a result of the cancelation.

The organisers of the 2023 Stav Camp reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving a reason. In this event the payment will be refunded in full.

Those attending the 2023 Stav Camp will be expected to comply with the following expectations:

  • No illegal drugs or related substances to be brought to the event
  • Training will be conducted in a safe, respectful and cooperative manner
  • Agressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • The venue for the 2023 Stav Camp is a private address, attendees must respect the areas which are not to be used as part of the event
  • Anyone behaving in such a manner as to bring the event into disrepute or cause risk or distress to other attendees or the organisers will be asked to leave.

    Privacy Policy

    Any personal information collected from any person while promoting or taking bookings for the 2023 Stav Camp will be treated with the utmost confidentiallity. No information will be shared with any third party without the express permission of the person to whom the information relates. If at any time it is necessary to check what information is held which relates to you then we will be happy to tell you, once we have confirmed your identity. If you wish to have your personal information deleted at any time then let us know and we will be happy to comply.

    Information may be retained even if you do not attend the event or after the event has passed for the purposes of keeping in contact with you. This information will not be shared without your express permission. Such information will be promptly and permanently deleted should you request it.

    Any enquiries relating to your personal information should be directed to Graham Butcher by phone on 0771 358 5954 or Email.

    Graham Butcher, September 2022